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The Art of Michael Sean Piper 

Have you ever wondered what a robot with a stomachache might look like, or whether a knight and a dragon-- given the proper circumstances-- might be able to get along?

TV People- WebRes.jpg

Have you pondered the eventual evolutionary outcome of our culture's obsession with technology, or considered going within as a way to reconnect with your creative side?

Not only has Michael considered these questions, he has also put his musings on these subjects, as well as many others, into an eclectic collection of artwork in a variety of media. 


And, as of 2023, he has begun an artistic journey into a land called Keth, filled with giants and beasties and (rather expendable) little "Kethians". These adorable creatures are even featured in one of this year's wall calendar offerings.  Stay tuned here and at for more details on this exciting project!

We hope you will find something that resonates with you-- an existing design, a wall calendar, a commissioned piece of art*, a custom logo*, or whatever your little heart desires.  Artistic expression is a beautiful act in and of itself, but making someone happy with one's creation elevates it to another level.  Besides... bare walls are depressing.  Dress those suckers up!

*If you are interested in custom work, please contact Michael directly by submitting an inquiry here.

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