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Creativity Abounds!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

How does an artist up his game? By making sure to spend time around other creatives, of course! It can be as simple as sending each other encouraging messages through Facebook or by text, or as immersive as sharing space and being creative together in the very same room. I fondly remember afternoons spent with our very creative and talented friend, Caron, years ago in our little house in Bridgewater, NH, during which we would draw and paint and do all manner of crafty-embellishments on things like photo frames and candle holders and, well, pretty much anything. Nothing was safe from our creative storm! It was incredible to me how much more creative I felt when we were all "arting" together, and I am grateful for those-- sometimes quiet, sometimes boisterous, but always productive-- times.

Lately, Michael has been gaining inspiration both from suggestions coming in on his MSP Designs Facebook page and from spending time with friends and family members who are, themselves, creative people. Also not to be discounted are the weekly emails from the amazing Jake Parker, who founded the art project called "Inktober" and is now sending a weekly prompt all year long, on top of the daily prompts throughout the month of October/Inktober. You can learn more about Jake Parker and "Inktober" at . This week's prompt is "snake". That should be fun... or creepy... or... fun? We'd love to hear about your creative process. C'mon, spill: How do you get inspired?

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Chris Churas
Chris Churas
Jan 25, 2020

Ooooooh snakes! I cannot wait to see this one!

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