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The Meredith Public Library's Maker Space

Last month I visited the Maker' Space at the Meredith Public Library. Chris, their assistant manager, was nice enough to give me a tour of what they have available for the public at large to use.  There are a number of exciting pieces of equipment with which to play and explore, and tons of learning opportunities as well.  

They have a Glowforge laser engraving and etching machine, which can be used with an array of different substrates including Mylar®, tile, stone, wood, glass, and leather.  I'm sure it supports a number of others, too, so it can serve a whole host of creative endeavors.

Their 3D printer is set up with various materials to build models or miniature pieces, from game pieces to toys to prototypes. There's also a Cricut plotting machine for stickers and decals.  The only limit is your imagination!

 Probably the most surprising equipment I found there was an audio-video conversion setup. You can convert VHS to DVD, vinyl to USB, or even convert the reel-to-reel tapes which my wife's grandfather recorded decades ago. I’m sure there are some real treasures hidden in those tapes, and I'm excited to hear them in a format that can easily be played.

You can explore the Maker Space virtually on the Meredith Public Library's website at, but the next time you're in Meredith I would recommend that you pop on by and take a look for yourself. And maybe afterward you can visit the 48 Main Cafe & Creperie across the street from the library for a coffee, or Hermit Woods Winery a little further down the road.  Meredith’s Main Street has so much to offer!

Coming in my next post: a wrap-up of the Lakes Center for the Arts' "ArtsLIVE!" show at the Meredith Community Center this Saturday, June 22nd, for which I have been chosen as one of fifteen curated local artists to show their work. Wish me luck!

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